WWI Overcoat

When the Ebony Doughboy deployed to France, they took their issued overcoats with them. Upon arrival, they were instructed to leave their personal baggage, including their overcoats at the arrival point with the promise that they would be shipped to them later. The shipment never occurred. As a result, our Doughboys were without overcoats until after the Armistice. Their entire existence in the trenches was without adequate out garments, leaving them vulnerable to cold temperatures and rain.

While we appreciate and connect with the hardships endured by our Ebony Doughboys, for our portrayal, the use of overcoats is allowed. The model 1912 and model 1917 are the only acceptable models for use in the trenches. The model 1917 is preferred because in theory, the issue of all stores of the model 1912s was likely exhausted by the Fall of 1918. By that time, overcoats that were issued were more than likely the 1917 model. The challenge for reenactors is that most vendors who make WWI overcoats reproduce the model 1912. By default, the wearing of the M1912 overcoat is acceptable.

Overcoat Examples