WWI Doughboy Undershirts

Photos and postcards of doughboys show them wearing a variety of undershirts during the war. In stateside photos during training, doughboys can be seen wearing white tank tops, similar to modern-day "wife-beaters." The weave of the fabric that was used was smooth as opposed to the ribbed, modern-day cloth used in "wife-beaters." In cooler weather doughboys wore long-sleeved, collarless undershirts made of a wool and cotton mixture. These shirts were made in a heather gray or oatmeal color and had ribbed cuffs. This type of undershirt was used throughout WWII as well. Versions of this shirt were also made with plackets. Civilian versions of undershirts were also worn, particularly by officers.

Long Sleeved Undershirt

Early 1900s Blue Under Shirt